Fesch Museum
Palais Fesch des Beaux Arts
50-52 Rue Cardinal Fesch,
20000 Ajaccio
+33 4 95 26 26 26
Official Website : musee-fesch.com

The museum is named after Cardinal Fesch (1763 - 1839)
a French priest and Diplomat,
maternal half uncle of Napoléon Bonaparte.
Fesch was an art collector
who owned almost 16.000 paintings
mainly Italian works of Renaissance.
The Fesch Museum in Ajaccio now holds
a large part of the collection
while other paintings
are in the London National Gallety, the Vatican Museum
and other significant Museums.

Books about Palais Fesch - Beaux Arts Museum
in French and English

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View on Fesch Museum, photo by Pierre Bona